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Lies, Whole Lies and Nothing but the Lies

Liar's Ride Collage

Liar’s Ride Collage

For the billionth year in a row, we will gather again on April Fool’s Day for the annual tradition known as the Liar’s Ride.  It is on this day when I trade my architectural/historical tour-guide hat for my liar’s cap. It fits better anyway.

This year, it has proven exceptionally difficult.  First, the watering hole known as Fischman’s in Jefferson Park, the ending site of many of our Liar’s Rides has closed.  Part third-shift bar, part neighborhood gathering spot as well as being the site of some of the finest beer options in the city, the bar closed last year in a rent dispute with the owner’s relatives that owned the building.  I can say for certain that while my liver is better for it, we as a nation, and in particular, the NW Chicago, are far, far worse. While the good news is that they will reopen soon at nearby Six Corners in Portage Park, (NOTE:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SIX CORNERS IN WICKER PARK YOU POSING, THIEVING, MISAPPROPRIATING JERKS!), the bad news is that it won’t be before Saturday.

The ending point will instead be a nice little wine bar in Kuala Lumpur.  You’ll love it.  Malaysia is lovely this time of year.

The other difficulty in running the annual mobile lie fest is the extraordinary competition in our land today.  It can leave a liar feeling…..inadequate.  In all humility, I confess that I simply can’t compete with the fraudulent, dishonest, deceptive, backbiting, false, hyperbolic, libelous, slanderous, inaccurate, guile mendacity that springs so easily from….certain quarters.  After all, this is an age when the average news article linked on social media must contain the phrase “Not the Onion” on a regular basis.

Honestly, what is a satirist to even do anymore?  Let alone a cycling satirist.

Come out on Saturday to find out.  You will find out along with me.

Free as always
Saturday April 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM
At West Town Bikes & Ciclo Urbano at 2459 W Division St in Chicago