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Berger Park, 6205 N Sheridan Rd in Chicago’s Edgewater Community

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Saturday October 15, 2016




Prairie School of Architecture of Chicago’s Northeast Side

Praire Tour Two Poster

Prairie Tour Two Poster

Chicago is well regarded for its diverse architecture, but is particularly fortunate to have many examples of Prairie School architecture.  The Prairie School of architecture is one of America’s indigenous art forms and the most iconic modern architectural style, and it originated in and around Chicago. Commonly identified for wide, low slung forms with overhung roofs, horizontal scale and elements and natural earth toned colors, the building style mimicked the environs from where it was born. Its greatest practitioners including Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Burley Griffin, Dwight Perkins, George Maher and other giants of Prairie design left stunning examples of Prairie School architecture in institutional, commercial, religious and residential buildings throughout Chicago.  This is a brand new tour focusing on the Prairie School of Architecture found on Chicago’s northeast side.


About the Indian Boundary Bike Tour Series

Presented by Chicago Velo in association with Good City

On August 24, 1816 at the second Treaty of St. Louis, the Nations of the Great Lakes region known as the Council of the Three Fires, the Odawa, the Potawatomi and the Ojibwe ceded to the United States a 20-mile stretch of land from Calumet City to the northernmost communities of present day Chicago and from Lake Michigan to the Fox and Illinois Rivers. This marks the two hundredth year of the treaty, which unfolded in the aftermath of the Battle of Fort Dearborn, and marked a new chapter in the United States’ acquisition of territory and displacement of the indigenous people of the region. The Treaty of St. Louis is a name given to a series of treaties between the United States and a number of Native American tribes and Nations between 1804 and 1824 and the signing of the second treaty of 1816 is one of the most impacting events in Illinois’ history that paved the way for statehood and forever shaped the geography and character of Chicago and many surrounding suburbs. 

The Indian Boundary Bike Tours will commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of St. Louis of 1816t with five bike tours that feature four northern Chicago Community Areas most impacted by the Indian Boundary, and a fifth tour looking at the Prairie School Architecture of the area, a tour that is also part of the Prairie Tours series.

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