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The Liar’s Ride this Saturday is CANCELLED. Not a joke. Not a lie.

Hey gang,

It really sucks to announce this but I have to cancel the Liar’s Ride this Saturday.  I injured my shoulder and while I haven’t been able to see a doctor yet, that is on the agenda for this afternoon and for sure I will be unable to ride by Saturday as I can’t even put a little pressure on the handlebars for my right side. 

I looked into doing the ride with a Pedicab, but logistically and sensibly, it was not to be.

I am very sorry for this and I hope I will be up and at ’em for May’s Tour. 


Please do NOT show up for the Liar’s Ride on Saturday.  It is really cancelled.  It is not an April Fool’s Joke.

Sorry gang.  I hope to see you all soon.

Saturday’s Tour of Norwood Park and Edison Park is cancelled

Porch detail for 5850 N Newark in Norwood Park

Porch detail for 5850 N Newark in Norwood Park

Hey gang,

Sorry to report that our son Jackson is back in the hospital and again, I have to cancel this weekend’s tour.  All ride tickets sold for the ride have been refunded and the event site has been taken down along with cancellation of the Facebook and Chainlink pages.

Sadly, this was our last tour of the year so I won’t have a make-up date for this ride until the Spring.  Hopefully the time in the hospital will at least give me a chance to write a bit, an activity, like riding, that has been in short supply lately.  Even better, hopefully he gets out of here quickly so I don’t even get the chance.

All the best to all of you.