A crisp fall Tour of Edgewater

Edgewater thumbnail

Fall has come early this year and the end of the week brought weather we typically get in Chicago in late October or November.  On Saturday, the air was crisp with gloves, hats and coats on our riders, but the sky was beautiful and bright and a small group of us gathered to tool around the north side Community Area of Edgewater.  This is a lovely section of town with a variety of late 19th century developments that have turned into little neighborhoods like Edgewater Beach, North Edgewater, Highlands of Edgewater, Lakewood-Balmoral and Andersonville.  The area has stellar examples of many different residential architectural styles.  Through the residential streets, American Four-Squares sit between Queen Anne VIctorians and Tudor Revivals.  On the main thoroughfares, residential skyscrapers neighbor Gothic churches and mixed-use developments.  It is a wondrous architectural backdrop to bike through.  Here was our route.