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Tour Hiatus

This is a brief post to inform everyone that the July, August and September tours have been cancelled.  This includes tomorrow’s Tour of Evanston.

As many of you know, my father died at the end of last month and my family and I are working on sorting out his affairs and moving my mom to be close to us in the Chicago area.  I have to focus on my family for the time being but hope to be able to run the final two tours of the year in October and November.

My sincere thanks for all of the kind wishes, messages, calls, texts, emails, letters and the like that we have received.  It has been a difficult time but we have been better able to get through it with the support we have received. 

Thank you all for you understanding.

Downtown Night Tour Cancelled Tonight….postponed until Friday July 28

Hi everyone,

It is raining outside my window as I am typing and there is lightning in the sky.  There is a flash flood warning in effect and my three open browsers with radar and weather forecasts don’t look much brighter for the rest of the evening so I am going to cancel tonight’s ride.

We will hold the Downtown Night Bike Tour next Friday, July 28 at 7:00 PM instead.  The ride has been postponed for one week.  Pre-paid tickets have the option of a refund or can use their tickets next week.

My apologies for the late notice.  It is my goal to not have to cancel a ride whenever possible but I am also concerned for everyone’s safety and want to make sure that the ride is fun for everyone that comes.  That doesn’t seem like a deliverable set of goals this evening.

I hope to see you all next week.

The Liar’s Ride this Saturday is CANCELLED. Not a joke. Not a lie.

Hey gang,

It really sucks to announce this but I have to cancel the Liar’s Ride this Saturday.  I injured my shoulder and while I haven’t been able to see a doctor yet, that is on the agenda for this afternoon and for sure I will be unable to ride by Saturday as I can’t even put a little pressure on the handlebars for my right side. 

I looked into doing the ride with a Pedicab, but logistically and sensibly, it was not to be.

I am very sorry for this and I hope I will be up and at ’em for May’s Tour. 


Please do NOT show up for the Liar’s Ride on Saturday.  It is really cancelled.  It is not an April Fool’s Joke.

Sorry gang.  I hope to see you all soon.