Free Bike Loaners

I have limited amount of bikes I loan out for free to take our bike tours, but they are strictly on a first come first serve basis and require a minimum of 72 hours notice. Please email in advance if you would like to borrow a bike.

PLEASE NOTE:  These are not just to borrow at random times! These are for our bike tours specifically.

The bike loaner library is also a fun project that allows me to talk even more about Chicago history and geek out even further on bike love.  Each bike is a custom made bicycle that is lovingly built by me and/or my friends.  I find beautiful old steel (mostly) bicycles, strip them of paint, re-paint or powder coat them, and rebuild them up with nice components to create a lovely new re-cycled bike.  Each bike is then named for a famous dead Chicagoan.  Each bike comes with a card that explains the history of the bike, how it was rebuilt and its namesake.

I have several dozen bikes in a variety of sizes but if I am out of loaners, can not transport bikes to a particular tour or do not have an appropriately sized bikes, I can give you a list of rental companies that may be able to assist you in getting a bike. Please also remember to rent a helmet.